looking forward

I feel a strange need apologize for my extended absence. Nowadays, blogs are constantly updating and drowning our visual senses. Good thing for me, my blog is not a for-profit blog (not that there's anything wrong with it). I'm just more of a hobby blogger. So no, I will not apologize for my absence the way I used too. However, I am going to explain a bit about my absence, if you wanna continue reading....

+ image by the fresh exchange


Nothing has really caught my eye lately in terms of fashion week these past few seasons. I'm not quite sure what it is but I sorta just drifted away from all of it. But with all the not so pleasant things happening in my life lately, I've been trying to discover something beautiful everyday and that's when I stumbled upon NOVIS. Everything in NOVIS's fall rtw collection is amazing to me. The prints, colors, and overall styling is just too good. How could anyone be sad wearing such lovely clothes?!

+ images by ann street studio


So, the last time I was here, things were a bit of a seesaw. A couple doors closed and a very special one opened for the first time. Unfortunately, that closed too. These past few weeks have been tremendously difficult for me. I crumbled and wallowed and that kept me hurting. It's so draining. I've been reminding myself to make a conscious effort to remember to choose happiness and kindness. I have to choose to change for the better.